Anxious Anticipation

I love seeing Facebook photos of when authors receive their “baby” in the mail. The cardboard flaps opened to book upon book of the fruits of their labor materialized.

Today, my publisher played a little trick on me.

I got one of those boxes. Even had a picture of my novel on the outside. I called my husband up from the basement to share in the joy.

And they were postcards!

Now, I’m very thankful for these postcards. They are going to help get the word out about my novel– but it’s a little like a sonogram picture– you’d rather hold the real thing.

So, I am still anxiously anticipating the arrival of my actual book.

How about you– what things on the writing/reading path do you anxiously anticipate?

About Jordyn Redwood

Nurse by day. Suspense novelist by night. My debut novel, Proof, released June, 2012. Poison, book #2 in the Bloodline Trilogy, releases Feb, 2013. You can check out my medical blog for authors at
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  1. You raised the level of suspense with me! I thought it was going to be your books, too! Looking forward to the day. :-))

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