Book Launch Party!

June 30th was a fantastic day! That’s when I held my book launch.

Pre-Party Preparation

You may ask– what exactly is the purpose of a book launch party?

For me, it was a celebration of my writing path and I don’t know that I can sum it up appropriately here. Part of it, for me, was wanting to say thanks to many people who supported me on my book publishing journey. Also, just to have a good time, meet people and sell some books.

My agent: Greg Johnson

I held the event at Solid Grounds Coffee House in Centennial, CO. This was not close to where I live but it had a nice open area with lots of seating so people could sit comfortably and visit if I was busy signing books (which I was thank heavens!)

As a thank you, I did have a dessert bar with a fruit and vegetable tray as well. Visitors got raffle tickets for signing my guest book and bringing/buying books. I decided it would be fun to give away books that I love by my favorite authors.

My two trusty helpers.


If you’re an author reading this for insight into a book launch party– I did have my books available for purchase. I did clear this through the coffee-house prior to the event. My trusty husband was my sales officer (with the help of my soon-to-be-10y/o who helped pass out the raffle tickets.)

We did have the square device which is good for those wanting to pay by credit card but the other neat thing about the Square is that you can also send people receipts if they pay with cash or check as well. Of course, my accountant husband liked the record keeping.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed seeing all the people who stopped by. My two high school best friends’ mothers stopped by repping their daughters who live far away. Also, writing friends I’ve been on this journey traveling with. Old friends from the area who we hadn’t seen in a few years and lots of family.

So– absolutely– celebrate your new arrival by hosting a book launch party. It is definitely worth it.

Have you held a book launch party? What did you do or not do?

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