Who is My Reader?

Yes!! Release day is finally here. It’s such a dream come true. There have been lots of thoughts running through my mind.

Where is that limo waiting to take me wherever I want to go?

I still have to do laundry?

It’s still hard for me to believe because I have yet to hold a physical copy of my baby in my hands. Hopefully, that is a short few days away.

But, what has consumed my thoughts most today is those readers– those I haven’t ever met. That aren’t my family, influencers, endorsers– just the quiet man or woman who is perusing the bookstore shelves somewhere in the USA.

And their fingers skim over the cool binding of my novel. Do they like the cover? Is it enough for them to read the back cover copy? Are my endorsements compelling enough to get them to pull it close and read that first line.

“The cemetery was closing in ten minutes, and Lilly Reeves was going to be late.”

Does that first line hook them enough to read a few more paragraphs?

Was all of it enough to get them to spend money on my book?

I want to know who that reader is. If it’s you– e-mail me. Let me know what you thought.

But, more importantly, know– that I am forever grateful to you for taking a risk on me and I hope it was worth it.

This is my prayer today…

About Jordyn Redwood

Nurse by day. Suspense novelist by night. My debut novel, Proof, released June, 2012. Poison, book #2 in the Bloodline Trilogy, releases Feb, 2013. You can check out my medical blog for authors at www.redwoodsmedicaledge.com.
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4 Responses to Who is My Reader?

  1. Beth K. Vogt says:

    Celebrating your release day, Jordyn!
    You’ve got a great cover for your debut novel — and wonderful endorsements!

  2. Kandra says:

    Yes, that first line grabbed me! I’m only into the first few chapters…can’t read it enough, but I sure will be empty when I finish it. This is Good Stuff.
    Just my opinion!

    • Thanks, Kandra. That’s a really great compliment.

      Keep me posted on what you think of Proof. I’ll be anxious to hear your thoughts. Also, there are two more books in the trilogy– Poison will be out Feb 2013.

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