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What Does Easter Mean to You?

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I originally posted this to the WordServe Water Cooler which is my agency’s multi-author blog. If you haven’t checked it out I hope you’ll hop on over there. Several great authors blog about writing from craft, to marketing, to publishing. … Continue reading

Fear: The Dream Slayer


Today is happy release day for my latest novel, Poison. Honestly, it is a dream come true. I remember getting the call from my superstar agent Greg Johnson after my original one book contract turned into a trilogy. That was … Continue reading

Beginning Steps….


I get asked a lot– how did you do it? How did you cross that bridge from simply dabbling in your writing to actually becoming published? Today, I’d thought I’d give some thoughts on some of those important beginning steps that … Continue reading

Anxious Anticipation

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I love seeing Facebook photos of when authors receive their “baby” in the mail. The cardboard flaps opened to book upon book of the fruits of their labor materialized. Today, my publisher played a little trick on me. I got one of … Continue reading

What Movies are you Watching?

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Recently, a good friend of mine (shout out to Jen M.!) and I were out celebrating a big birthday– we’ll just say somewhere between 29 and 41. It was my turn to treat her so it was her movie pick. … Continue reading

What Does An Author Read?


Welcome to Redwood’s Ramblings. This blog will be much different than Redwood’s Medical Edge. RME is devoted to helping contemporary and historical novelists write medically accurate fiction. I post there Mon, Wed, Fri and Saturdays. Ramblings will be the jottings … Continue reading